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Powerlifting: The Benefits and Pitfalls of Training Alone

  Powerlifting is a delicate but violent coordination of mental aptitude, nervous system impulses, and musculature contraction. Within this strange world, two general training approaches exist: powerlifting squads and training alone.  This article will focus on several benefits and pitfalls of the latter and not the former. FULL DISCLAIMER: My perspective is skewed in this

GetStrong Vlog Volume 15: How to Maximize Your Recovery for Best Performance

In the TPSMethod GetStrong VLog Episode 15: In this episode we answer TPSMethod.com members questions on how to modify training due to inadequate recovery. We review more than just adjusting training. Watch this to maximize performance through better training and recovery techniques. Learn How to Maximize Your Recovery for Best Performance! Music with permission The

The Self-Worth of a Powerlifter

    Editor’s Note: I’d like to introduce you to and welcome Lones Green to the TPSmethod.com team as an author.  I am confident that Lones will give you thought provoking and intelligent commentary and advice on our sport.  Please enjoy and share his first column.        Recently, many powerlifters seem to be using