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GetStong Vlog Episode 12: Common Sense Nutrition for Strength Training

In the TPSMethod GetStrong VLog Episode 12: Murph, Candace and Bucky and Russ answer a members question about Common Sense Nutrtion. In this episode we go over common sense nutrition strategies to allow to: Lose body fat Increase muscle Recover better Perform better It's all demystified and simplified for you. C'mon, you've got 10 minutes

Fruit is bad for you?

I get this question all of the time when doing nutrition consultations. It goes something like this, I'll prepare a meal plan for someone to follow and during the review, the client will look in horror and see that there is fruit in the diet. The usually say something like this: "I can eat fruit?

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Eating to Lose Fat and Gain Muscle

This article on how to lose fat and gain muscle was originally published on on July 5. 2010 It still has relevant content but is not the practice we currently recommend.  It's Not Just Weight Loss: You need to be Eating to Lose Fat and Gain Muscle I’m writing this article after a weekend spent

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Dietary Fat Basics

Fat is not your enemy! This is the third in a three-part series on basic nutrition. In this article we will discuss fat. Fat is an essential part of your diet but was made out to be evil and avoided at all costs by the mainstream media a few years ago. Thankfully this has passed.

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Carbohydrates for Dummies

Carbohydrates, or 'carbs' as they are more frequently known, get a bad rap. In the fitness industry there is never a middle ground. It is always to the extreme of one side or the other. As my friend Alwyn Cosgrove says, nobody ever says do some cardio, it's always no cardio or all cardio! The

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The Kraken Files: So, What is Your Diet Part Duex

So, a few months ago I started a two part column on my diet, then went ADD spaz and digressed to do a column on some other rant about who-knows-what, and left y’all hanging on the promised more specific discussion on what, and how, I eat. You have all been waiting with bated breath, I

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Not So Fast: Understand “Detoxing” Before Dismissing It

By Mary Southworth Disclaimer: I am far from a medical professional so none of this is intended as advice, just my thoughts and experience. I’ve seen a few anti-detox articles go by in the ol’ newsfeeds lately. I just completed a cleanse a few months ago with an holistic practitioner who I consider a genius

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4 Easy Food Swaps for Better Nutrition, Health and Fat Loss

We all should know by now that we need to make better choices and eat less processed, nutrient dense food in order to see the most progress right? An easy way to do this, especially if you are not too good at nutrition and don’t know a ton about it is to swap out foods

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