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What Do You Want From Your
Fitness Training Program?

You Want To Look Better Naked
Whether You Admit It Or Not.

That get your attention?
Let me explain:
Listen, whether we want to admit it or not, the majority of people who exercise do it for one main reason, they want to look better.
They want to look better:
In clothes
In a bathing suit

Sure, we also want to get the benefits of exercise such as better health, living longer, feeling better and so forth, but in the end, it usually is, at least to some degree, to look better.

If you look around the internet for 5 minutes I am sure you will come away more confused than ever about how to do this.

Do you:

  • Do only cardio

  • Tone and shape

  • Buy the latest pill

  • Only lift weights

  • Only do Met Con

  • Buy the latest powder

  • Lift light weights

  • Buy detox tea

The answers you will find are often contradictory and not based on science or actual results.
As a matter of fact, a lot of the time the answers you find will be based on whatever the person is selling to you.
They hire a good copywriter to sell you their product and dazzle you with some before and after photos that have been heavily Photoshopped and some junk science.

I am not going to do any of that.

I don’t hire any copywriters either.
I write all of my own copy.
I don’t need them because I know my product works, and I know it works better than any of the gimmicks out there.


Because I’ve been doing this for decades, and the result of all these years of coaching people to get stronger, be more fit, get lean and in the best shape of their lives has resulted in the Total Performance Method: Training for Life.

The Total Performance Method: Training for Life is our system of training that combines:

  • Strength training

  • Mobility

  • Bracing

  • Low intensity cardiovascular training

  • Flexibility

  • Rooting

  • High intensity metabolic conditioning

  • Breathing

  • Nutrition suggestions

And Our 7 Foundation Exercises

To give you the most complete Method of exercise that will get you stronger, fitter, healthier and looking better naked than anything you have tried before.


Because it is not a quick fix system.
Sure, you’ll get results fast, but we want you to keep those results and improve on them.

If that sounds good, stop reading and act now.
Simply click the button below and join as a Founding Member of the TPS Method: Training for Life.
You’ve got nothing to lose!


Not ready to join our Founding Members?

That’s ok.

Let me introduce myself to you.

My name is C.J. Murphy and I am the founder of
Total Performance Sports (TPS)
in Boston, Massachusetts.

TPS has been voted:

One of America’s 20 Best Gyms by Men’s Health magazine TWICE

Best of 2015 by Women’s Health magazine

Best of Boston by Boston Magazine

I am a member of the Muscle and Fitness and Men’s Fitness magazine’s Advisory Board. You’ve probably read my articles in one of those publications or in Men’s Health too.

TPS has been featured and consulted by many media outlets for
expert fitness and training advice including:

And many more!

I am also a member of Team EliteFTS (
I am a retired Strongman athlete and a former National Powerlifting Champion.
More important than any of that, I am a Coach who cares about each athlete that I train and I want to see them succeed, and be the best that they can be.

I created the TPS Method and the TPS Method for Powerlifting to give my clients a unique, systemized, methodical approach to training.

Think of the TPS Method like the Jeet Kun Do (JKD) of strength.
If you are unfamiliar with JKD, it is the system of martial arts developed by Bruce Lee.
The TPS Method is certainly not martial arts, but it adheres to Bruce Lee’s philosophy of looking at and studying everything and then taking and applying what works and tossing what does not.
It is a “Modern” system, meaning that it is always evolving and it does not adhere to dogma.

The TPS Method for Powerlifting incorporates what works from many systems and packages them into a unique, plug and play system that you can begin at any level, beginner to advanced and start making more progress right away.

Sounds pretty good right?
Why wait?
Give us a try, no risk involved.

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What is the TPS Method: Training for Life (TFL)?

TFL is your blueprint for success, a path to follow designed to lead you to be the best you’ve ever been.

The TPS Method: TFL is a complete online resource and community where you will have everything you need to:

Build Strength

More than you ever thought you would

Build Stamina

Build stamina and endurance to complete any task you wish

Gain Flexibility

Mobility is key to your training and recovery efforts

Prevent Injuries

Be more injury resistant

Increase Resilience

Be more prepared for any activity or challenge life throws at you

Gain Confidence

As physical strength and endurance improves, so will your inner confidence

Boost Self-Esteem

Feel better about yourself

Look Better Naked

Learn to be satisfied with your body

And More!

These are just a few of the benefits you’ll experience with our program

How does the TPS Method: TFL do this?

We have used our decades of experience coaching thousands of people and taken what works and tossed what doesn’t.
We have selected the 7 Foundation Exercises that we know will give you the MOST results in the least amount of time and organized them into a system of training that is 100% done for you and laid out in an easy to understand Method for you to follow, regardless of your level of experience.

Sound too good to be true?
It’s not.
The TPS Method: TFL has been used for years at my Award winning gym, Total Performance Sports (TPS) in Boston, with outstanding results.
All we have done now is make it available to everyone.
You don’t need to come to TPS, or even to Boston.
You can do this anywhere in the world.

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What is included with the TPS Method: TFL?

The TPS Method: TFL everything you need to get stronger and look better naked.

Once you activate your Free 7 Day No Risk Trial, you will have access to:

Member Dashboard

The Member Dashboard, your starting point for all the programs & features of the site

TFL Programs

Written by me and my team of highly experienced, professional coaches

Video Library

Access to our constantly updated video library

Video Courses

Video courses designed to enhance your training


Seminars on special topics to complement your training

Customized Programs

Customized programs just for you (additional fee)

Member Forums

Access to member forums where you can post questions and videos and get instant feedback from my team

And Much More!

This is just a taste of what you’ll get when you join

And much more!

Let’s talk about the video library for a moment.

I feel that this is worth the membership price alone.

Our video library has long and short videos on a huge range of subjects.

The short ones are quick hits that you can click and see how to do an exercise right in the middle of your training.

This is a huge help if you are following a program and an exercise is in it but you just don’t know what it is, or how to do it.

Just click the link (right in your program) and the video will come up showing you what to do.

We’ve also got longer videos that go into detail on all of the intricacies of an exercise and fully explain it to you.
It’s like having a coach right there in the room with you.

Our library includes complete coverage for:

Reflexive Performance Reset (RPR)



Rooting & Bracing

Assessments & Correctives


The Squat

The Bench Press

The Deadlift

The Overhead Press

Assistances exercises for each of the 7 Foundation Lifts

Upper Body Accessory Work

Lower Body Accessory Work

Torso Exercises



Strongman Exercises

Cool Down

Sold? Good.
Join as a Founding Member now!


Not ready? Still cool.
Let’s look at more of what is included.

TFL Strength Training Programs

Having the best program helps.

We’ve got programs for everyone from Beginner to Advanced levels.
Just starting out?
No problem.
Follow the beginner blocks.

Been training for a while and really need some results to make sure this is for you?

We’ve got you covered; but we suggest that you start with a beginner block.
It’s always better to begin something with the basics.
Mastery of the basics is critical to success.

Starting with a beginner level block will help build your mastery of the 7 Foundation Exercises that the TPS Method: TFL is built upon.

OK Murph, you’ve mentioned the 7 Foundation Exercises a few times, what are they?

7 Foundation Exercises are:

Kettlebell Swing
Turkish GetUp

Why are these our choices?

That’s a great question.

We have chosen the 7 exercises that we feel give you the most bang for the buck.
And, we feel that mastery of a few basic movements versus constantly learning a new one is much better the long term. Sure, you’ll learn new exercises but you must be good at the basics.

We would rather have you be very good at 7 basic exercises than suck at 20, 30 or more.

It is pretty common in this industry to have trainers introduce a lot of movements to their clients to keep them interested. Sure this keeps them interested, but does it make them stronger, fitter or more confident under the bar?


By doing different exercises all of the time you never develop the skill at the basics. The basics are your bread and butter.
Basics work.

Let’s look at each exercise and why we chose them. I promise I’ll be brief!

1. The Squat

If you don’t know the benefits of the squat here is the abridged version.

  • Squats make your entire body stronger.
  • They add muscle, and added muscle helps to burn fat.
  • The work a large amount of muscle mass, especially the legs, and that gives you more results in less time!
  • And, contrary to what you may have heard, they are not bad for your knees when done PROPERLY!

2. The Overhead Press

Think of this like the Squat of the upper body.

Pressing works your upper body efficiently and safely.

Like the Squat, you’ve probably heard these are bad for your shoulders.

That is fake news.

When done wrong, of course, they are bad. When done right, they are awesome.

We only do things right.

3. The Deadlift

Deadlifts work a LOT of muscle especially in the legs and lower back.

The lower back, won’t that be bad?
Not working your lower back and getting it stronger is bad.
Getting your legs and lower back strong is a good thing.
Plus, Deadlifts build strength and muscle mass.
Ladies, stop right there if you are worried about getting too big.
You will not. That is a myth that we wish would just die.

4. The Kettlebell Swing

The Swing is a basic human movement.

It is a hip hinge.
We need to train this movement and get good at it.
It makes us more resilient.
The Swing is awesome because it can be used or a lot of different goals depending on how it is loaded and programmed.
You can build endurance, strength and explosive power all from one simple human movement pattern.
And you do it safely.

5. The Push-Up

What can I say about the Pushup other than it gets no respect.

It should.
The Pushup is a simple, elegant movement that works almost all of the muscles in your body, not just the chest and arms.
You need to get good at these.
And it is scalable.
If you are good at them, we can make them very hard.
If you are not, we can regress them and make them easier until you get stronger.

6. The Plank

Planks are one of the best exercises to train the entire torso or Core.

I generally don’t use the term Core as it reminds me of something a dude in a black spandex shirt that says “TRAINER” on it with his gold chain hanging out and holding a clipboard while he says “C’mon, you got two more” would say.
But I digress.
The Plank is also a simple, but not easy exercise that has tremendous carry over and benefits.
It makes the entire body stronger and better able to resist force, but also to transfer force.
When we strength train we need to do both.

7. The Turkish GetUp

While you may not know what this exercise is, you will.

The Turkish Get Up does many things.

  • Builds Strength
  • It improves flexibility
  • It restores/improves mobility in the hips and shoulders
  • It improves intramuscular and intermuscular communication-a fancy way of saying it makes you more coordinated

There you have the “whys” of the 7 Foundation Exercises in a nutshell.

Moving on…..


Troll free

We’ve also got member forums for you.
Got a question?
One of our expert coaches will answer you.
Need a quick critique on your squat?
Post it.
One of our expert coaches will give you feedback.
Want to start a discussion with other members on a topic?
Post it.
Get the conversation rolling.
This feature alone is sadly missing from most other online programming sites. Sure, you get a program, but what about your form and technique?
How do you know if it is good or if it needs attention?
You don’t.
The Forum fixes that and gives you access to EXPERT coaches and their “coaches eye”.
We will watch your video and give you tips and cues on what needs fixing.

This alone is well worth the price of membership!

I hope that this has convinced you to try the TPS Method now.

Seriously, you’ve got nothing to lose.

Hit that button below now and get started on the first step to the best you that you’ve ever seen.