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Snatch-Grip Deadlifts

Every once and a while a challenge is issued at TPS. This one is brought to us by the “Cookie Monster” himself Eric Dawson!

General Rules:

  • Snatch Grip Deadlifts off 8″ Blocks
  • Weight:405 pounds
  • Hands must grip outside the rings and must remain on the bar at all times
  • Lifts are done raw, with or without a belt
  • You must lock out each rep for it to count
  • The weight must settle to the blocks before you begin the next pull
  • Double overhand or hook grip only; NO straps or alternate grip

Here is a video of Eric and me performing this lift.

To perform the snatch-grip deadlift from blocks:

1. Walk up to the bar and get your shins to touch the bar.

2. Take a deep breath into your belly and push into the belt.

3. Push your hips back and grab the bar just outside the rings with a double overhand/hook grip.

4. Keep your weight on your heels.

5. Arch your back and engage your lats by pulling your shoulders down and back.

6. Pull the slack out of the bar and lift.

7. Once the bar crosses the knees, squeeze your glutes and lock it out!

Snatch-Grip Deads will help you build a strong back, hamstrings and glues. Add them in to your program and watch your deadlift soar!

As always start light; learn the movement. When you are ready, try the challenge!

Wishing you the best in your training,

Russ Smith C.F.T.

WSBB Certified

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