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The Moustache Files: Interview with Nick Cambi and Brittany Diamond

TPS interviews 2015 Arnold Amateur Strongman Competitors Nick Cambi & Brittany Diamond

TPS’s favorite t.v. personality, Coach Russ Smith is coming at you this month straight from the state of the art TPS production facility on the 2nd floor with an interview you will not want to miss.

Nicki “Catz” Cambi and Brittany “B-Dimez” Diamond of TPS just came back from their first appearance at the biggest Strongman event in the country and maybe the world, the Arnold Classic.

Russ is not asking them any fluff questions, this is hardcore interviewing.

OK, most of it is fluff, but that is what these are for. We like you to get to know your fellow gym members and give out recognition for excellence.

I’ve gotten countless emails and calls on how great Russ is getting at interviewing and a lot of suggestions that we get him his own reality show.

Watch the interview and let me know what you think.

Give Nick a hug and B a handshake when you see them. Tell them I said to do it.

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