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GetStong Vlog Episode 12: Common Sense Nutrition for Strength Training

In the TPSMethod GetStrong VLog Episode 12: Murph, Candace and Bucky and Russ answer a members question about Common Sense Nutrtion. In this episode we go over common sense nutrition strategies to allow to: Lose body fat Increase muscle Recover better Perform better It's all demystified and simplified for you. C'mon, you've got 10 minutes

The Kraken Files: Doing an Aesthetic Show

So. Some of you may have been watching as I prepped with a 4-5 month mild cut, 6 month bulk, then a 4-5 month cut into my first physique show. In fact, it was my first foray into aesthetic competition EVER, as for years I just lifted, then spent 5 years being a fluffy moose

The Kraken Files: So, What is Your Diet Part Duex

So, a few months ago I started a two part column on my diet, then went ADD spaz and digressed to do a column on some other rant about who-knows-what, and left y’all hanging on the promised more specific discussion on what, and how, I eat. You have all been waiting with bated breath, I

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The Kraken Files: What is Your Diet?

AHOY MATIES!! MATEYS? WTF. IDK…. Some kinda pirate greeting…..anyway, this month I am gonna address a frequent question/topic I am asked to advise on, weight/fat loss. More specifically, the question “what is your diet?” with the intent of the asker to find out how to drop weight and fat to attain some desired stage of

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Four Healthy Fats To Add Into Your Diet

Nutrition Corner August 2014:  Four Healthy Fats To Add Into Your Diet I hate the word diet, but if I say meal plan, people seem to get confused. I hate "diet" because it has such a negative connotation.  As you go about your meal plan, one thing you must make sure you’re doing is adding

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