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The Kraken Files: Are You a Bulking Asshole?

I get a lot of messages online asking me about gaining muscle mass, or rather, issues people are having with “bulking” and gaining QUALITY mass. I will ask a few questions, and pretty quickly I realize that all they are doing is dumping into their gullets MORE of the same crap food they have already

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Recently someone I follow on Instagram and admire for his talent and coaching skill in powerlifting posted a rant on a subject I have bitched about in the past as well, and brought up some old themes that I thought were dying out but perhaps are still alive and well. So I figured I would

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The Kraken Files: So, What is Your Diet Part Duex

So, a few months ago I started a two part column on my diet, then went ADD spaz and digressed to do a column on some other rant about who-knows-what, and left y’all hanging on the promised more specific discussion on what, and how, I eat. You have all been waiting with bated breath, I

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The Kraken Files: Make the Most of Your Training

I’ve been lifting a long time, about 16 years, 11-12 of which I would call serious, and what most others would call obsessive. In that time, as I gained muscle mass, leaned out, and improved my proportions, I have increasingly been subject to questions from others at various points in the

The Kraken Files: Depression and Anxiety-Deal With It

Sooooooo last month I promised a second part of the diet conversation, in which I’d get a little more specific about my personal diet, what I eat and when, etc., but like your parents telling you all about the Tooth Fairy….. I LIED. Instead, this month I am going to discuss something that is plaguing

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The Kraken Files: What is Your Diet?

AHOY MATIES!! MATEYS? WTF. IDK…. Some kinda pirate greeting…..anyway, this month I am gonna address a frequent question/topic I am asked to advise on, weight/fat loss. More specifically, the question “what is your diet?” with the intent of the asker to find out how to drop weight and fat to attain some desired stage of

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The Kraken Files: Goal Based Training

The funny thing is that besides the fact that this is a really good article, I discussed many of the same topics recently and agree 100% much of this. Another coach and I were talking about a semi famous Internet coach who bashes lots of people and claims that lifters can only do the classic

The Kraken Files: July 2017 Coaching

So this month I wasn’t sure what the hell to write about….I can rant on and on about a variety of subjects but I feel like I probably should have an ACTUAL MESSAGE or pass on my actual knowledge from experience (not that there is much of that, let’s be real here). However, I started

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The Kraken Files June 2017: Overtraining

This month, Steph goes over one of the biggest misconceptions in the training world. The last few months I have been on a gripe-fest bender of bone-picking with subjects likely more interesting to and applicable to women, i.e., last month’s guide to social media posting for women, and the month before that, women and PED

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The Kraken Files: A Woman’s Guide to Social Media

So you’ve gotten yourself a new IPhone, and now it’s time to lurch into that magical realm known as “social media”…..Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.; you know the playing field, and now you need to get on it……but beware!!! You don’t want to be seen as an “Instaslut”!!! You don’t want to be labeled as