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2015 Holiday Tips: I Don’t Want to Get Fat This Season

"I need tips for the Holiday Season because I Don’t Want to Get Fat This Season"! This is the single topic every year that seems to interest most of our readers. I have written a few articles on and it’s so popular I am doing it again! Each year they say the average American gains

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Four Healthy Fats To Add Into Your Diet

Nutrition Corner August 2014:  Four Healthy Fats To Add Into Your Diet I hate the word diet, but if I say meal plan, people seem to get confused. I hate "diet" because it has such a negative connotation.  As you go about your meal plan, one thing you must make sure you’re doing is adding

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Nutrition Corner-July 2014-It’s about the Children

I have wanted to write about this for a while and now, the time is right. I’ve written many times on this in the past and will again in the future: kids and nutrition. Juvenile obesity is an epidemic in our country and it is almost totally preventable. Look around at the kids at your

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Recipe of the Month June 2014-Summer-licious Zucchini “Noodles”

By Coach G It’s almost summer (regardless of the weather). Summer means fresh herbs, bright colors, light dishes, and yummy sunshine packed into the best eats imaginable. When the sun’s out, gun's out.... Actually, I pull out my handheld julienne peeler (click here) and go to town on all the zucchini piling up in the

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Recipe of the Month-Orange Cinnamon Spice Carnitas

Gerilyn, Coach G, facilitates flourishing by helping women find themselves and create vibrantly healthy lives they adore. This usually involves lots of butter, fun, and butterfly challenges because food, love, and life are exquisitely delicious and every moment deserves savoring. Catch her here at the gym or at her website for more sunshine!   Recipe

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Recipe of the Month February 2014-Super Simple Salmon Patties for Folks With No Time to Cook

Coach Gerilyn Burnett of TPS is going to be bringing you insanely delicious and healthy recipes each month to help you out. In this article you will learn to cook salmon patties quickly, easily and deliciously! Super Simple Salmon Patties for Folks With No Time to Cook Laziness is one of my virtues. I’m always

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