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Dietary Fat Basics

Fat is not your enemy! This is the third in a three-part series on basic nutrition. In this article we will discuss fat. Fat is an essential part of your diet but was made out to be evil and avoided at all costs by the mainstream media a few years ago. Thankfully this has passed.

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Recipe of the Month February 2014-Super Simple Salmon Patties for Folks With No Time to Cook

Coach Gerilyn Burnett of TPS is going to be bringing you insanely delicious and healthy recipes each month to help you out. In this article you will learn to cook salmon patties quickly, easily and deliciously! Super Simple Salmon Patties for Folks With No Time to Cook Laziness is one of my virtues. I’m always

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Tuna on the Go

Tuna - easy, quick and full of protein. I was reading about this the other day in the Nutrition Action Newsletter and I though I would share it with you own my own words. (I always give credit when I use other work.) We live in an "on the go " society and people often

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Good Protein Choices

As you should know by now, to make optimal progress in your fitness plan, nutrition is a key component. When it comes to losing the most body fat and gaining the most muscle, one nutrient stands out as being the cornerstone of your nutrition plan: protein. Protein is essential to making gains for a few

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