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GetStong Vlog Episode 12: Common Sense Nutrition for Strength Training

In the TPSMethod GetStrong VLog Episode 12: Murph, Candace and Bucky and Russ answer a members question about Common Sense Nutrtion. In this episode we go over common sense nutrition strategies to allow to: Lose body fat Increase muscle Recover better Perform better It's all demystified and simplified for you. C'mon, you've got 10 minutes

Strong and Sexy: Do I Need Cardio to Lose Weight

“Do you think cardio (i.e. additional walking/jogging) is necessary for weight loss if you are weight training and doing HIIT 3 days week on average? Weight training includes progressively heavy compound movements.” – KerryAnne Hey KerryAnne! This is a great question! And for the sake of our audience, I am going to assume that you