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How to Stay Slim Through the Holidays

As holidays come around, whether it’s Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year’s, or even Valentine’s day when you know there’s a high chance chocolate will be involved in your day, you may start to feel some slight anxiety with regards to how you’ll make it through with your diet intact. Holidays do tend to be difficult because

Why you should take creatine

by Marc "Spud" Bartley Creatine has been around for quite some time and has many, many clinical studies documenting its benefits, which most people agree upon. Most of the customers I work with understand creatine’s strength-enhancing and cell-volumizing capabilities (muscle fullness and size). These are more than well documented. But creatine has other benefits that

Fish Oil: Why You Need It (Hopefully Without a Prescription)

August 2010 - So as I predicted a few years ago, the drug companies are at it again. It seems that fish oil is now available by prescription. I'm not kidding. I predicted this a few years ago, as well as ephedra becoming available by prescription. No news on the ephedra yet, but time will