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TeamTPS Ladies at the 2019 RPS NH/Vt. State Powerlifting Championships

Watch the ladies from TeamTPS/TPS Method compete at the 2019 RPS NH/Vt. State Championships. We had a few RPS Pro totals, a few State Records and a few RPS World Records. They kicked ass. Music with permission The Bruisers Copyright 2019 By: C.J. Murphy   Follow us on Instagram @tpsmethod  

Warmup Sets Demystified

OK, so you joined the site and are ready to start training. You look over the program and the sets and reps for each exercise are listed, but what about the warmups for the main lifts? Where are they? They are up to you, and this article will show you Two Easy Methods for Choosing Program Guidance

Welcome to the I am sure you have a lot of questions on how to use the site and the programs to get the best results! Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. This article will give you some insight into how to use our site and the programs. We have two primary types of